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General Notes

  • Shift crew should make HALOG entries regularly throughout the duration of their shift.
  • Typical relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Information on fhte shift plan and tasks/activities
    • Information on run conditions for each data run
    • Relay of any any communications with MCC/Run Coordinators/other Halls
    • Target updated (please see the relevant section of the How-To pages for more info on the target logging specifics)
    • Data monitorring updates (please see the relevant section of the How-To pages for more info on the online data analysis specifics)
    • Any observations from data/beam/target/detector systems
  • The main HALOG Logbook selection for SBS-experiment entries is SUPERBIGBITE, however you may wish to include other relevant logbooks in your entry too depending on the situation check.
  • Note that CODA will also automatically create start and end of run HALOG entries. Information on run details will match those enterred by the shift taker via the CODA interface at the start of the run.
  • HALOG entries can be created via either a terminal or the web interface.

Via a Terminal and the Command Line

  • Insert screenshot of interface via terminal
  • Open a terminal
  • Type "halog"
  • In the window that opens, enter the text of your log entry
  • Add a subject in the subject line
  • If relevant, add email addresses of people you would like to pay special attention to this entry
  • To add an attachment (one thing that makes this utility so useful):
    • Click on "Add Attachment" (second from the right at the bottom of the window)
    • To add a snapshot, click on the "Add Snapshot..."
      • Use the cursor to choose the region you want to include in your log entry, by clicking on a point and dragging the mouse to the opposite corner
      • Wait a few seconds for the window to reappear
      • Check your snapshot. If necessary you can "Click to clear" and try again
    • To add a file, click on the "Attach File..."
      • Choose your file from the directory in the window that opens
      • Make sure you are choosing the correct file

Using the HALOG web interface

  • Insert screenshot of interface
  • Log in via the upper right hand corner "log in" button at the webpage for HALOG
  • Hover the mouse over the "Add Content" button at the far left of the menu bar
  • Choose "LogEntry" from the dropdown menu
  • In the "Main" tab:
    • Enter the Title (subject)
    • Check the box to indicate whether the entry needs attention
    • Choose the logbook (or logbooks, if appropriate) to post to
    • Add tags
    • Indicate co-authors
    • Write your log entry in the "Body"
    • Enter the email address of people you want to alert in "Notify"
  • You can attach files by clicking on the Attachments" tab
    • Warning: The HALOG web interface is buggy - DO NOT upload your plots before typing things
      • It will delete all of your attachments unless you first click "preview"
      • After getting your text saved with preview it is safe to upload files
      • You may need to hit preview a few more times to ensure your files are there before submitting
      • Files can always be added in edit, comment, or followup mode retrospectively if needed
    • Browse for the image or other type of file
    • Click on the file name you want to attach then click "Open"
    • Don't forget to click "Upload"
    • To reference another logbook entry, click on the "References" tab
      • You can search logbook entries in the "Logbook References"
      • Click on the entry you want to reference
      • To add more than one reference, click on "Add another item"
      • You can do similar things for external references
  • When your entry is complete, press "Preview" or "Save"