DAQ Diagrams for E06-014

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Timing at the BigBite Weldment for E06014

  • This is how it looked after d2n expt.

Trigger timing at the BigBite Weldment for E06014

Weldment e06014.png

Re-timing at the BigBite Weldment for E06014

Retiming e06014.png

Front-end trigger electronics diagrams

Originals can be found Electronics (Mar 22, 2009) (tarball).

Cerenkov Rack

Cerenkov rack.jpg PDF file: Media:Cerenkov_rack.pdf Xfig file: Media:Cerenkov_rack.fig

Cerenkov electronics.jpg Media:Cerenkov_electronics.pdf Media:Cerenkov_electronics.fig

Shower Electronics

Shower electronics rack.jpg Media:Shower_electronics_rack.pdf Media:Shower_electronics_rack.fig