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The DVCS2 experiments at Jefferson Lab (LH2: E07-007, [1], LD2: E08-025 [2]) will measure the absolute cross sections of electro-production of photons in the deep exclusive regime as part of the GPD program. These experiments build on the success of our first round of data taking ([3], [4]). DVCS cross sections will be measured at fixed Q2, xBj and three different beam energies. The kinematic structure of the ep→ epγ cross section will allow to separate the different amplitudes contributing to the total cross section (eg. BH*DVCS interference from the pure |DVCS|2 term) at all three Q2 values of the previous experiments. We will use these data to perform a Rosenbluth L/T separations of the ep→ epπ0 cross section. This π0 result is crucial to test if factorization in this channel can be obtained at these energies. The basic experimental setup elements of the experiments are the dedicated EM calorimeter that is used to detect the photon and the left Hall A HRS that is used to detect the scattered electron. The upcoming data taking is scheduled from September 27, 2010 to December 23, 2010.

News: The shift schedule is now online and open for shift sign-up.


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