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ROC info

Please see https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3292168 for information.

Model Mac1 location Hostname IP Adress ROC Hardware ID CODA ROC
VME 002038046D12 LHRS DVCS crate 1 intelhadvcs1 (ROC27) 4 27
VME 002038046DC1 LHRS DVCS crate 2 intelhadvcs2 (ROC28) 6 28
VME 0020CEF603EA LHRS DVCS crate 3 intelhadvcs3 (ROC29) 5 29
VME 002038046D0C LHRS DVCS crate 4 intelhadvcs4 (ROC30) 0 30
VME Upper level crate intelha3 7

Stress test

  • To run the analysis, on alternating aonl machines: "godvcs", "analyzer", ".L replay_DVCS.C", " replay_DVCS(run_number)".
  • MSS storage: /mss/halla/dvcs/raw/dvcs14*
  • to check the disk occupency: as adaq@adaq1, "df -k /adaq1/data1/*"
  • Analyze deadtime on alternating aonl machines: "godvcs", "cd marco/deadtime/", "analyzer", ".L deadtime.C", "deadtime(run_number)".

run number DAQ start/stop time DAQ rate (Hz) Analysis ran on wich aonl? Analysis start/stop time Analysis rate (Hz) Time at end of copy of mss Occupency of the data disk at end of data taking Marco's awesome plot