DVCS weekly meetings, Summer 2010

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Every Monday 9am, the DVCS group meet to talk about the progresses that have been made in the preparation of the experiment. Please

feel free to upload your slides or write down comments.

Monday November 1st, 2010

CH 2nd floor
DVCS November 1st meeting

Monday October 18th, 2010

CH 2nd floor
DVCS DAQ Oct 18th

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Hall A Meeting RC report: media:DVCS-HallA-meeting_28Sep2010.pdf

Monday September 27, 2010

CH 2nd floor
We'll discuss plans for the week. A summary has been posted by Julie at:

Monday September 20, 2010

CC A110
DVCS DAQ Sept 20
[3] LHRS test (J. Roche)

Monday September 13, 2010

CC A110

Thursday September 09, 2010

Dead time stuff File:DeadTime.pptx.pdf Comment from Ed Jastrzembski File:TriggerSupervisor.pdf

Tuesday September 07, 2010

CC F227

Monday August 30, 2010

CC B101

Monday August 23, 2010

9 am, CC B101 or by phone
Alexandre Camsonne: We are looking for a volunteer to analyze cosmics data on the LHRS, focusing on VDC (after APEX ampli swap).
We are looking for someone to assemble the blue light box.

Sophia will show the online display she modified.

Notes of last weeks work https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/6/6a/Aug23.pdf

Critical Kin-3 vs beam energy. No polarization at 1100 MeV/Linac 90% polarization at 1098 98%(??) at 1094 https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/c/c8/E07007-DVCS-Kin3-4Pass.pdf

Monday August 16, 2010

CC B101

Monday August 9, 2010

CC B101
[7]DAQ logic

Monday August 2, 2010

CC B101

Monday July 26, 2010

CC B101
[11]Elastic calibration
[12]pi0 calibration monitoring

Monday July 19, 2010

CC B101

Monday July 12, 2010

CC B101

Tuesday July 6, 2010

CC L207
[Magali's stay summary]
[Julie's weekly summary]

Monday June 28, 2010


Monday June 21, 2010


Monday June 14, 2010

[19]Slides Asenath

Tuesday June 1, 2010


Monday May 24, 2010


Monday May 17, 2010


Monday May 10, 2010


Monday May 3, 2010


Monday April 26, 2010


Monday April 19, 2010


Monday April 12, 2010


Monday March 22, 2010


Monday March 8, 2010


Monday March 1, 2010