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We are trying different database to have the best one to start with : in $DB_DIR/20070105 a few directories were created :

  • save-old : database used since June 2006
  • hyper : database from Hypernuclear with septa
  • O16 : from E00-102

Different files for the different databases are on disk /adaql10/work1/e06007/rootfiles/:

  • e06007_elas_1074-old.root using old database
  • e06007_elas_1074_new.root using old database for right arm and hypernuclear database for left arm
  • e06007_elas_1074_O16.root using O16 database

switch back to Hypernuclear database for left and old one for right -- 02:45, March 4, 2007 (EST)