December 11th 2020

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  • HCAL
    • Voltage scan with different LED, everything looks ok
    • DVCS pulser
  • BB GEM
      • readout list and library setup, configuration files need to be done
      • UVA chamber only * start cabling * Holly will get the DAQ working * INFN chamber will be installed later * seems cabling UVA chamber will not interfere with INFN
      • cabling need to be setup carefully since they are heavy
      • one issue found by Bogdan in honeycomb frame * not rigid enough
      • one MPD optical was not working
      • get other MPDs from UVA
      • trigger and clock box * need add NIM
  • GEM INFN : no DAQ because of work
    • formal request from EES for backplane and 110 APV and MPDs
    • increase LV still to be done
    • measured 3.5 V going in the regulator
    • looking at also increasing size of cable
  • Shower
    • finished preshower and shower cabling
    • set up cosmics with Fastbus * done taking cosmics
    • update to CODA3 will proceed
  • Hodoscope
    • if gate set up, just software
    • will use shower scintillator for trigger
    • ADC and TDC
  • HRS
    • one crate with intel and pipeline TI board, have CODA config but need to try
  • CDet
    • collecting data at 5 different HV
    • all data collecting by Monday or Tuesday
    • noisy channel still present : ADC or filter card
    • power cable for NINO cards will need to be double isolated
    • make inventory