December 14th 2022

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  • Updates
    • Beamline, helicity
      • charge asymmetry, systematic large asymmetry during ramp (looking at helicit bits helicity : 50 k 14 part when beam ramp per while usually 3 part per thousands ), most likely want to cut beam trips, can go back to this 50 k replay might still be flucuations
      • BCM at low current for Moller, x10 with negative pedestal, switching to unew and dnew, 0.5 to 1 uA
    • HCAL
      • DAQ ok
      • HV voltage issue
      • TOF information needed ? RF ?
    • GEMs
      • BB running fine
      • SBS off for 5 days, will put on Nitrogen, will try next year
      • issue with stand alone SBS , INFN APV still cannot initialize with beam on, possible effect of SBS magnet ?
  • GEM reset speed up ideas
    • procedure
      • improve the scripts to reset
      • 15 minutes recovery typical
      • print out of instructions of reset in counting house and point to RC
      • simple focus instructions
      • configuration of APV in parallel
      • GUI of APV status
      • coda message help with APV reset, pop
      • MPD corrupted ? try reload firmware instead of power cycling