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Page under construction (July 2021)
<font color="red">Page under construction (July 2021)</font>
<h4> Goals and Purpose for L-HRS during the SBS era.</h4>
<h4> Goals and Purpose for L-HRS during the SBS era.</h4>

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Page under construction (July 2021)

Goals and Purpose for L-HRS during the SBS era.

Used for the HCAL calibration. Want to measure the HCAL detector efficiency by using pi+ production in gamma p -> pi+ n, as well as ep-> e' p. The pion on L-HRS is a tag for a neutron. It is a single arm trigger. It needs to be clean to 0.5% level or know the contamination on similar level. We need to remove the proton and positron backgrounds. The L-HRS is also needed for the next hypernuclear experiments (E12-15-008, E12-20-013) in hall A.


Installed are the S0c, S0h, and S2m. S0c = S0 near cerenkov. S0h = S0 from HAPPEX (it is removable and likely will be removed during beam), and S2m = segmented scintillator with 16 paddles and PMTs on both sides.

S0c cabling .... https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3884500

S2m documentation. See section 2.4 (page 22) of the 2004 annual report ... https://hallaweb.jlab.org/publications/AnnualReports/AnnualReport2004.pdf


A good references is the hall A NIM paper ... https://hallaweb.jlab.org/equipment/Hall-A-NIM.pdf

Gas Cerenkov

see ... https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3877237

hall A NIM paper ... https://hallaweb.jlab.org/equipment/Hall-A-NIM.pdf

Pion Rejector


A1 Aerogel information

Performance in 2018 .... https://logbooks.jlab.org/files/2018/10/3605975/HRS_AerogelPerformance_20181008_gogami.pdf

Also this article ... https://arxiv.org/pdf/0810.4630.pdf

A1 analysis examples in 2018 .... https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3624086 .... https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/3605642 .... https://logbooks.jlab.org/files/2018/10/3611832/right_online_latest.pdf

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