Detectors on Left HRS

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Goals and Purpose for L-HRS during the SBS era.

Used for the HCAL calibration. Want to measure the HCAL detector efficiency by using pi+ production in gamma p -> pi+ n, as well as ep-> e' p. The pion on L-HRS is a tag for a neutron. It is a single arm trigger. It needs to be clean to 0.5% level or know the contamination on similar level. We need to remove the proton and positron backgrounds. The L-HRS is also needed for the next hypernuclear experiments (E12-15-008, E12-20-013) in hall A.


Installed are the S0c, S0h, and S2m. S0c = S0 near cerenkov. S0h = S0 from HAPPEX (it is removable and likely will be removed during beam), and S2m = segmented scintillator with 16 paddles and PMTs on both sides.

S0c cabling ....


Gas Cerenkov

Pion Rejector

A1 Aerogel information

Performance in 2018 ....

A1 analysis examples in 2018 .... .... ....

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