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General Documents:

  • BigBite Timing hodoscope Technical Specifications (design and performance requirements), J. Annand et al. [[1]]
  • Software requirements, R. Montgomery et al. [[2]]
  • High voltage and low voltage set up and operation for hodoscope in TEDf with cosmics, J. Annand et al. [[3]]
  • Original electronics plan (describes chain from PMT to final VME readout, including high voltage and low voltage)[[4]]
  • Scintillator bar and light guide surface roughening tests in Glasgow 2020, R. Montgomery et al. [[5]]

Mapping Documents

  • High voltage and low voltage mapping up to Feb 2019 description
  • Accompanying high voltage and low voltage mapping up to Feb 2019 excel sheet
  • Updated mapping for cosmics running 2021 currently in preparation



  • CAEN v792
  • CAEN V1190
  • CAEN SY1527LC mainframe
  • CAEN A1932A HV distributer modules
  • Wiener VME64x6023 crate