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===How to Documents===
===How to Documents===
*High voltage and low voltage set up and operation for hodoscope in TEDf with cosmics, including EPICS instructions [[https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/7/70/BBelect_EpicsUpdateApr32021.pdf]]
*High voltage and low voltage set up and operation for hodoscope in TEDf with cosmics, including EPICS instructions [[hhttps://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/7/70/BBelect_EpicsUpdateApr32021.pdf]]
===Mapping Documents===
===Mapping Documents===

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General Documents

  • BigBite Timing hodoscope Technical Specifications (design and performance requirements), J. Annand et al. [[1]]
  • Software requirements, R. Montgomery et al. [[2]]
  • Original electronics plan, J. Annand et al. (describes chain from PMT to final VME readout, including high voltage and low voltage)[[3]]
  • Scintillator bar and light guide surface roughening tests in Glasgow 2020, R. Montgomery et al. [[4]]

How to Documents

Mapping Documents

  • Updated complete mapping for cosmics running 2021 (G. Penman, May 2021 during cosmic comissioning) [[5]]
  • Updated cosmics mapping spreadsheet (R. Marinaro, G. Penman, May 2021) [[6]]
  • Cosmics channel mapping (R. Marinaro, May 2021 during cosmic commissioning) [[7]]


  • HV patch panels, J. Annand, A. Clarkson [[8]]
  • Schematic for LV distributor panel is found in figure 5 of "Original electronics plan" document [[9]]
  • Schematic for PMT bases is found in figure 3 of "Original electronics plan" document [[10]]
  • Schematic of NINO front end cards is found in figure 4 of "Original electronics plan" document [[11]]

Manuals/Spec sheets for components of hodoscope

  • Electron Tubes ET9124 SB type PMTs [[12]]
  • Eljen Technology EJ200 scintillator bars [[13]]
  • Eljen technology UVT acrylic light guides [[14]]
  • DYMAX optical cure epoxy - check which specific model number was used in Jlab repairs
  • Cage HV connectors at HV patch panel connections [[15]]
  • CAEN V792 [[16]]
  • CAEN V1190 [[17]]
  • CAEN SY1527LC HV mainframe, 19" wide, 8U [[18]]
  • Accessory CAEN A1932AN 48 channel HV distributer modules for mainframe [[19]]
  • Accessory CAEN A1531 primary PSU for HV mainframe - no specific manual online, contacted CAEN and they refer to this document [[20]]
  • AGILENT N5761A DC power supply unit for NINO front end cards, 19" wide, 1U, rack-mountable [[21]]
  • Wiener 6U VME64x 6023 crate [[22]]

Outdated/Preliminary Mapping Below (Just stored here for reference, do not use as of Jan 2021 onwards)

  • Cosmics high voltage and low voltage mapping overview (R. Montgomery, February 2020) [[23]]
  • Cosmics mapping spreadsheet document, take note there are 3 tabs in the spreadsheet. This mapping misses only signal cables from frame to weldment (R. Montgomery, Feb 2020). [[24]]