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Documentation of SBS-offline: Overview

This page is maintained by the UConn group (Eric Fuchey + Andrew Puckett) and as of February 14, 2020 is specific to the master branch of SBS-offline on github.


This page documents the SBS-offline program code, which purpose is to perform the data analysis for the upcoming SBS experiments.

Getting the code and building the program


  • Working ROOT installation. libsbsdig is compatible with ROOT version 5 and ROOT version 6. ROOT 6 is strongly recommended
  • Working analyzer built with cmake. for that purpose, refer to the instruction below.

clone the analyzer repository from:

* git clone

build it with cmake following the instructions at:


2 precisions: - it seems that in these instructions the "build" directory has to be in the analyzer directory.

             - for your environment settings, in addition to the two

lines mentionned in the instructions, you still want to define ANALYZER as the path to your install directory e.g.

setenv ANALYZER $HOME/local/analyzer

Useful links