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Back to [[https://hallaweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/Run_Plan_DVCS3 Run Plan DVCS 3 ]]
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'''This is in progress (09-20-16 contact J. Roche)'''
'''This is in progress (09-20-16 contact J. Roche)'''

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This is in progress (09-20-16 contact J. Roche)

Need to remove the plastic shield.
Calorimeter-Target distance =6.0m
LH2 target, unrastered beam (which means beam current at less than 5 uA).
LHRS in positive polarity.
Open LHRS collimator
DAQ: DVCS config, trigger is S0+S2, autovalidation.
angleLHRS= 32.50 [deg]
momentum LHRS= 3.0 GeV
beam energy= 6.4 GeV

We will take about 2 hours beam with each of the following three calorimeter angles: 21.4, 22.7 and 24.0 deg.

The plot below shows calculation for the case where we would move the calorimeter and the LHRS for each kinematic point.

DVCS3 Fall 2016 elastic.jpg