Feb 4, 2018

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Onsite status update: Simona

Run plan discussion: [[1]]

Geant3 optics solutions, Bill

Geant4 update, Eric

Connection details:

Meeting URL https://bluejeans.com/388466836

Meeting ID 388 466 836

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##



Installation complete. Survey of scintillator paddles, shielding opening and detector done and preliminary report received. Provided update at Hall A meeting last week. Survey information transferred to target motion group. Cooled magnet down in the hall and ramped up. Quenched at 3.5 T!!!. Recooling coils and will try again this evening to ramp up. Will try to complete Jay's task of checking quad coil profiles if possible. Requires someone with LOTO certification.


Two coordinate systems in G3 trees. G3 comparison to G4 much better if use alternative coordinate system. Not clear why. Will follow up with Sasha. Showed us idea of single quad scan (quad 2 with all others off). Creates state with large variation in Levchuk correction.


Advised to switch to TOSCA maps for Q1,3,4. Eugene suggested adding 12 pole contribution to Q2. Tasked with finding optics solution with well-defined settings meaning staying in the linear region (nearest to beam) of the quads, especially Q2 which we have little to no information on.

Run plan:

It may be possible to get survey in even on the weekend to realign the target holding magnet if required. Likely would have to mean cannot run without realignment. Found out it is possible to to small translations and rotations during running without tripping the beam FSD. Useful for target centering and angle studies. All parties planning on taking shifts need to have Hall A walkthrough and training up to date. Don will go to JLab this week to complete training before hall is closed.