February 12th 2021

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • updated to CENTOS 7 , updated library and firmware, one FADC could not be updated by VME, brought to Bill gunning
      • issues with decoding fixed by Juan Carlos,

bug in analyzer assumed ROC ID is 16 bit is only 12 bit , needed to mask the sync bit , problem fixed. Sync event was turned on and issue was discovered

      • DAQ ready to take cosmics
      • VME discriminators ? Hall C has 4 JLab VME discriminators, might be able to borrow 1 or 2
      • DAC in HCAL VME crate for other discriminators
      • Other option : Brad has a CAMAC crate with discriminators with a few slots available
      • could look for already modified NIM discriminators with remote threshold control
      • need to run threshold though an insulation module and distribution module - might be in ESB - Brad will check and look.
    • Bigbite
      • Shower
        • Discussion for cabling, baskets that could be craned out for cables. Rack can be unplugged and
craned out.

HV cables of GRINCH above the BB cables need to coordinate, no need extra basket for HV cables are long and already in basket

        • front end BB trigger : Provokar work implementing second trigger, should take a few weeks - Front end Sean, check S7 modules, several broken and are being fixed - need a DAC for Bigbite trigger - Will setup other VME DAQ for BB ( Alex )
        • FADC readout ( Mark ) - tried last week, works ok but do not see signal as expected - trigger signal in FADC should see hit for every trigger - window size 500 ns - delay added from TI - ( mode 7 only report one hit - might be better to use mode 1 ) - check using TRig out on SD -

Large offset in preshower channels - need to set thresholds and pedestal in mode 1 to make it works

        • Trigger coming from weldment - copy of trigger for WAPP ? Just have the two triggers to TS - Low threshold and high threshold - Low threshold with anticoincidence of high threshold - should be doable in TS directly - need to setup

and test or do logic in NIM and feed to TS

    • Hodoscope
      • progress on data analysis : several good runs

TDC and ADC plots can be seen. Starting to do analysis

      • fixing issues seen from data, fixing first and will take more data
      • new PHd student helping on cabling diagram
      • DAQ issue : no pulse or double pulsing in gate , just need to fix logic
    • LHRS
      • all crates VME + Fastbus - working now - informations in HALOG - fixes for CODA3 with fastbus - were the fix commited in analyzer ?
      • might have been issue with ROC ID ? Will check with Ole at software meeting
      • issues with intel CPU, sshd sometimes does not start, reboot with keyboard
      • setup portserver ? leave small keyboard and monitor too
    • INFN GEM
      • problem on 2 MPDs, not producing hits from cosmics - no errors seen and no anomalies in low level test - problem being investigated - chambers were not touched much - might be connection - still to be investigated
    • UVA GEM
      • couple of bad MPDs, need to have a plan to fix the MPD
      • ordering 110 APV cards and 7 MPDs for Moller
      • will get 3 with SoLID money
      • inventory MPDs done, inventory of bad MPDs
      • loan of about 100 APV from Michael Kohl ( some at UVA, all accounted for )
      • discussing with GEp to see if we should buy
    • TEDF GEM
      • working on zero supression - comparing with and without zero suppression
      • rate test and latency scans - 5 to 30 us
      • working on setting up external clock
      • rate tests : no zero supression : 850 Hz ( ethernet data limit )
      • rate with zero suppression and 10 % occupancy caps at 2.5 KHz - 50 % occupancy 1 KHZ - still need to understand bottlenecks
      • Sean working on understanding cosmics and mapping
      • system noisy right now -
      • cosmics trigger : first used preshower trigger but not very good signal - adding new scintillator so data would cleaner - might have mapping issues
      • clock distribution for MPDs, should do that for the hodoscope - need clock distribution - need to look for one
    • CDet
      • power supply for NINO - cable length are an issue
      • location of LVDS repeaters need to be finalized but needed for GEp5
      • VXS crate moved - need to check with William when getting VETOC - have 1 CPU - looking SD
      • VETROC : waiting for oscillator - could have 3 available ?
  • FADC inventory


  • Hall layout


  • Helicity
    • old system in HRS will be added to the readout
    • Paul could help with both old and new system
    • Helicity crate setup in SBS