February 25th 2022

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  • Updates
  • Running with several event builders
    • ET/EPICS insertion : scaler / EPICS
    • timestamp from prestart
    • ET insertion : First event implementation
    • analyzer support for multiple streams : handling stream, and database and look on different disks
    • High rate testing : BB VTP + BB GEM VTP
    • Helicity : setting up so helicity information is recorded in all streams, tell to ROL how many streams
    • need to check with software to handle several streams ( or at worse make a file with all events ) - need some thinking

  • Tasks for next run
    • SBS GEM bunker fiber and network install
    • VETROC in HCAL crate and split with F1
    • HCAL digital trigger
    • Bigbite ECal digital trigger
    • FADC VTP readout status ? Current firmware as only number of FADC that can stream through VTP - can stream 16 FADC to VTP - HCAL FADC and FADC firmware - need work - could implement FADC readout directly first - and work on HCAL trigger after
    • HV rpi : adapt with newer Rpi and network boot and/or mount files system and prepare SD - Rpi1 vs new Rpi 2 3 ? Mode to talk to pins, need some adapt
  • GEM latency improvement
    • Latency for each APV