February 2nd 2023

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • missing TDC updates : Sebastian is looking into the issue, maybe offset TDC window and ADC
      • GEn still happening : might be
      • looking at all hits in tree : hits
      • clustering done with FADC and after look at TDC, some events with missing ADC and TDC
      • no more than one hit in the windows, most likely not dead time
      • only TDC from clusters in tree, might need to change output to have all TDCs
      • possible coming from offset ( TDC window 300 ns )
      • HCAL digital trigger
      • check analog trigger
    • GEM electronics
      • SBS 3 stream issue
    • SBS EEL setup
      • still need to get switch out from Hall
      • Computer still need cables
      • Hodoscope for trigger : NIM from UVA
      • VME crate from INFN