Friday, April 4, 2014 2:00pm EDT - Compton

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Previous meeting: Thursday, February_27, 2014 2:30pm EST - Compton

Tentative Agenda

  1. Status Updates
    1. Laser and infrastructure (Dave)
    2. DAQ (Bob/Alex): DAQ to be used :
      1. CMU DAQ
      2. use ETROC ?
      3. use old Sacaly DAQ ?
      4. Deploy JLAB FADC DAQ and add ETROC or V1495 to it
    3. photon detector (Brian/Gregg/Vahe)
    4. electron detector (Juliette/Dipangkar)
  question : should we consider going for all planes thick sillicones ? 
  1. Plans for Fall 2014 run (DVCS/GMP)
    1. Minimum: Working laser system and photon detector
    2. Can we put together a prototype lead-tungstate detector in time?
    3. Try to locate old PBWO4 array ? ( Disappeared from Hall A )
    1. Electron detector? Could potentially use Hall C v1495s, but need manpower to implement.
      1. funding prospects ? Should we consider using the Hall C Edet for PREX if we don't have money to fix the Hall A one.
    2. LDRD BNL EIC proposal Deadline June 27th

  1. Next meeting time


  • Laser:
    • Most important components located
    • Emphasis on getting laser in hall working for DVCS
    • LOSP circulating
    • Need to make hut in tunnel light-tight
    • Long term plan: implement laser polarization monitoring a la Hall C
  • DAQ
    • Bob and Rakitha working on bringing back the CMU DAQ
    • VETROC development will start this summer
    • Plan for DVCS: Working CMU DAQ. Deploy JLAB FADC DAQ for testing purposes.
    • Longer term - start removing old SACLAY DAQ. Need to keep "slow controls" crate.
  • Electron detector
    • Out of time to really accomplish anything in time for DVCS. We will NOT even try to install the electron detector for this fall. Alexandre's first priority is DVCS, and probability for success with electron detector is too low to make it worth the time.
    • Longer term plans for electron detector a little uncertain - should we still send stuff to Manitoba?
    • Alexandre thinks main issue might just boil down to extra capacitance from PCB board on feed-through. If so, we don't need new detectors or amplifier/discriminators - just new coupling scheme.
  • Photon detector
    • Would be nice to have a lead-tungstate (or similar) detector to install for DVCS. Energy too high for GSO.
    • Dave G. will talk to Hamlet about getting some crystals. Alexandre might be able to get some lead-flouride.
    • CMU has limited manpower, but if we provide crystals, Brian said they might be able to look into finding an appropriate tube and base.
    • Kent, Brian, et al will discuss this further at the PREX/CREX collaboration meeting.