Friday, June 29, 2012

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Minutes of the Friday, June 29, 2012 Meeting

Juan Gonzalez's Work

Root Data Plots

1) Uncut, raw data histograms
2) Histograms are cut to fit ~80% of the data to eliminate outliers
3) Plots of channel vs. their respective means for four different runs
4) Plots of the means of each channel vs. the respective GeV for four runs
5) Decomposing a gain correction plot into two gaussians

Nicholas McMahon's Work:

ENGINE Code Flowchart
ENGINE Documentation

Total Completion : 3.24%
Current Directory : ./ENGINE/ : 10.19%

Nicole Schumacher Work:
1)Tested interpolation against previous interpolation in ced
2) began to create gui
3) implemented capture of standard out and error for gui
4) working on coordinate system transformations (screen -> lab)
5) will start plotting field