Friday, May 11, 2018 2PM ET

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Previous meeting: Friday, April 27, 2018 2PM ET

Media:KK's MOLLER Task List.pdf

Task List Summary



Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Chandan, KK, Ciprian, Kent, Dustin,



Updates from Cameron

  • Modular geometry implementation using text files and scripts
    • Used in shielding optimization by Cameron
    • It's available in SBU git repository
  • Beam dump is implemented in the remoll
  • Cameron is looking at the sky shine from the apparatus and the beam dump see simulation elog 34 for plots
    • currently shielding and beam dump background is separated to reduce the simulation time.
  • Finalize the shielding by July and August then obtain Photon background in the detector plane
  • Generate estimate on sky-shine with current shielding (PREX style estimate)
    • Then we run it with Pavel to get his estimate
  • Then get feedback from Engineers on the shielding design
  • Waiting on engineers for the beam-line update then we can implement it on simulation
  • Wouter fixed some issues related multi threading and root Tree I/O

Updates from Ciprian

  • using Helium to replace a DS vacuum
    • Ciprian simulated it and compared with air (DS vacuum can around DS magnet) and vacuum with He
    • He filled bag for DS magnet and then between detector and magnet are better than just air and worse little more than vacuum

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