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*[http://www.tunl.duke.edu/~mep/thesis/dissertation-Huang.pdf M. Huang]
*[http://www.tunl.duke.edu/~mep/thesis/dissertation-Huang.pdf M. Huang]
*[https://userweb.jlab.org/~rbziel/pzhu_thesis.pdf P. Zhu]
*[https://userweb.jlab.org/~rbziel/pzhu_thesis.pdf P. Zhu]
*[https://arxiv.org/abs/1708.08297 R. Zielinski]
==Relevent Theses==
==Relevent Theses==

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The Experiments

E08-027 will measure the proton spin structure function g2p in Jefferson Lab's Hall A.

  • Spokesmen: A. Camsonne, J.P. Chen, D. Crabb and K. Slifer (contact).
  • Full details of the physics goals are provided in the proposal
  • The g2p website.

E08-007 will measure the proton spin structure function ratio GE/GM

  • Spokesmen: R. Gilman, D. Higinbotham, G. Ron (contact), J. Arrington, D. Day, A. Sarty.
  • The GEP website.

Runplan and Schedule

Shift Worker Information




  • Summary of runs for different energy settings
  • Beam polarization measured by Moller

Polarized Target

Survey Results

Spectrometer Optics

Weekly Meetings

  • Analysis Meetings are held every Weds at 10:30. (minutes) (Agendas)
  • Past Target Meeting (minutes)
  • Beam Transport Meeting (minutes)
  • Weekly Hall A meeting Run Coordinator (Reports)

Collaboration Meetings


Talks and Presentations

g2p Theses

Relevent Theses

Relevent Publications

  • New Insights into the spin structure of the nucleon. Phys.Rev. D87 (2013) 054032
  • Axial anomaly and the δLT puzzle. Phys. Rev. D 85, 016012 (2012)
  • M. J. Alguard, et al. Deep Inelastic Scattering of Polarized Electrons by Polarized Protons PRL
  • M. J. Alguard, et al. Elastic Scattering of Polarized Electrons by Polarized Protons PRL
  • Donnelly and Raskin, Considerations of Polarization in Inclusive Electron Scattering from Nuclei pdf
  • Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Polarized Target Materials and Techniques, Universitat Bonn portrait landscape
  • Proceedings from BadHonnef, 1995 pdf


Mailing List

There are two mailing lists relevant to g2p:

  • g2p@jlab.org : General announcements
  • g2p_ana@jlab.org : Weekly analysis

You can subscribe to both at http://mailman.jlab.org