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The g2p Family of Experiments

E08-027 will measure the proton spin structure function g2p in Jefferson Lab's Hall A in 2011/12.

E08-007 will measure the proton spin structure function ratio GE/GM concurrently with E08-027.

  • Spokesmen: R. Gilman, D. Higinbotham, G. Ron, J. Arrington, D. Day, A. Sarty.
  • The GEP website.

Weekly Meetings

  • Analysis Meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:30 in F224. (minutes) (Agendas)
  • Target Meetings are held every other Thursdays at 1:30 in F224. (minutes)
  • Beam Transport Meetings are held every Tuesday at 8:30 in MCC. (minutes)

Collaboration Meetings

Spectrometer Optics


  • Analysis elog
  • Replay info to be posted here...
  • Howto setup root,analyzer,geant4 environment for g2p
  • Zhihong's howto for x>2

Polarized Target


Saftey Documentation

Talks and Presentations

(please post any recent presentations here)

  • 2011 NSTAR, K. Slifer (pdf)
  • 2011 Hall A Workshop, K. Slifer (ppt)
  • 2010 One Slide Summary ppt
  • 2009 E08-027/E08-007 Presentation to R. McKeown, (pdf)

Relevent Theses

Relevent Publications



Ron Group at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mailing List

There are two mailing lists relevant to g2p:

  • g2p@jlab.org : General announcements
  • g2p_ana@jlab.org : Weekly analysis

You can subscribe to both at http://mailman.jlab.org