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Below is the latest version of 'db_run.dat' in the analyzer database. It should be ready to use now. I will update here if I think of anything to change. Please let me know if there is any issue.



How To Use

The db_run.dat has been divided into two files: db_run_l/r.dat. They should be both put into the $DB_DIR. When you replay the rootfiles, just link the corresponding one as 'db_run.dat'. In the directory above, you will find an example in the doreplay0.sh bash script.


The ebeam, L/R.pcentral are average values of the respective epics variables during each run obtained from raw data files.

The target type is determined from target encoder values. The ranges can be found at the very end of this page.

  • The target encoder variable didn't start reporting accurately until run 3220/22305. [1] Fortunately, there is no g2p production run before this point, thus all masses (MA) are assigned as carbon mass.
  • Thanks to Ryan and Chao for providing the EPICS, encoder range and run information.