G2p Analysis Minutes

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Minutes of the weekly analysis meetings



Present: Jixie, JP
By Phone: Jie, Chao, Ryan, Ellie

General Discussion:

  • The analysis meeting will be moved back to 10 am Wednesday starting from next week.
  • There is no meeting room available thus everyone will join by bluejeans. The meeting ID is 4828802914.


Present: Melissa, Jixie
By Phone: Jie, Chao, Ryan, Toby, Ellie

Feature Presentations:

  • Ryan

Gave an update on his cross-section analysis of the small angle GDH data. yield study using simulation. He is working on the problem that after doing the tail subtraction and running the inelastic Radiative Correction code the fully corrected cross sections go negative at high <math>\nu</math>. To solve this, he did a fit on the Nitrogen form factor. During the fitting, two models is considered: the oscillator model and the Fermi Model and the Fermi Model is proved to be better. He will complete the calculation of the elastic tail by using the form factor in a few weeks. More details can be seen in his slides here.

  • Toby

Gave an review on the polarization uncertainty estimation. He claimed that the reason of the small uncertainties for the target polarization is because we took large amount of TE for each material. Thus the uncertainty of the calibration constant is reduced by average. Jixie suggests that the error propagation still need to be carefully checked. More details can be seen in his slides here

General Discussion:

  • Chao updated his optics technical note.
  • There is no meeting next week due to the Hall A collaboration meeting.

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