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|+ LHRS HV Map
|+ LHRS HV Map

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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
0 s2mL01 s1L01 GC01 PIRL01 PIRL13 PIRL25 Empty FPP FPP PR01 PR13 PIRR08 s2mR01 s2mL13 DAD02L DAD01R
1 s2mL02 s1L02 GC02 PIRL02 PIRL14 PIRL26 PR02 PR14 PIRR09 s2mR02 s2mL14 DAD03L DAD02R
2 s2mL03 s1L03 GC03 PIRL03 PIRL15 PIRL27 PR03 PR15 PIRR10 s2mR03 s2mL15 DAD04L DAD03R
3 s2mL04 s1L04 GC04 PIRL04 PIRL16 PIRL28 PR04 PR16 PIRR11 s2mR04 s2mL16 DAD05L DAD04R
4 s2mL05 s1L05 GC05 PIRL05 PIRL17 PIRL29 PR05 PR17 PIRR12 s2mR05 s2mR13 DAD06L DAD05R
5 s2mL06 s1L06 GC06 PIRL06 PIRL18 PIRL30 PR06 PIRR01 PIRR13 s2mR06 s2mR14 DAD07L DAD06R
6 s2mL07 s1R01 GC07 PIRL07 PIRL19 PIRL31 PR07 PIRR02 PIRR14 s2mR07 s2mR15 DAD08L DAD07R
7 s2mL08 s1R02 GC08 PIRL08 PIRL20 PIRL32 PR08 PIRR03 PIRR15 s2mR08 s2mR16 DAD09L DAD08R
8 s2mL09 s1R03 GC09 PIRL09 PIRL21 PIRL33 PR09 PIRR04 PIRR16 s2mR09 s0A DAD10L DAD09R
9 s2mL10 s1R04 GC10 PIRL10 PIRL22 PIRL34 PR10 PIRR05 PIRR17 s2mR10 s0B DAD11L DAD10R
10 s2mL11 s1R05 PIRL11 PIRL23 PR11 PIRR06 s2mR11 DAD12L DAD11R
11 s2mL12 s1R06 PIRL12 PIRL24 PR12 PIRR07 s2mR12 DAD12R