G2p Weekly Analysis

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Analysis meetings are held every Wednesday at 2:30 in F224. (Minutes)

The conference phone number is 866-740-1260 (US) or 303-248-0285 (International). Access Code: 1466792

Please edit the agenda to link to your talk prior to the start of the meeting. For help doing this, click here

Group members can post files at /u/group/halla/www/hallaweb/html/experiment/g2p/collaborators, which will then be accessible on the web from http://hallaweb.jlab.org/experiment/g2p/collaborators/


Wed, Feb 15 2012

Topic Presenter
Beam Position Reconstruction Pengjia
Quads Tune & FO optics matrix Min

Wed, Feb 08 2012

Topic Presenter
Charge Asymmetry Test Chao
Something about Asymmetry & HAPPEX Pengjia

Wed, Jan 25 2012

Topic Presenter
Cherenkov TDC Double Peaks Melissa
More Deadtime Ryan

Wed, Jan 12 2012

Topic Presenter
Septa Current Scan & Field Mapping Min

Wed, Jan 4 2012

Topic Presenter
Commissioning DT Results Ryan

Wed, Nov 30 2011

Topic Presenter
Commissioning Runplan slifer

Wed, Nov 23 2011

Topic Presenter
Deadtime Ryan

Wed, Nov 09 2011

Topic Presenter
Bremsstrahlung Jixie

Wed, Oct 26 2011

Topic Presenter
3rd Arm Calibration Chao
Optics status Min

Wed, Oct 19 2011

Topic Presenter
Cherenkov Analysis Melissa
Happex DAQ Status Pengjia
Scalers Toby

Wed, Oct 12 2011

Topic Presenter
DAQ Status Ryan

Wed, Oct 05 2011

Topic Presenter
updated schedule Documentation slifer
elastic simulation with sieve Jixie
Optics Plan V1 Min
Target_Field_Map_Report V2 Jie

Wed, Sep 28 2011

Topic Presenter
Optics Min
S1 PMT Check Ryan

Wed, Sep 21 2011

Topic Presenter
Field Mapping Results Toby
Helicity Setting Pengjia
SieveSlit Jixie

Wed, Sep 14 2011

Topic Presenter
SieveSlit Jixie
preshower/shower calibration Melissa

Wed, Sep 7 2011

Topic Presenter
draft schedule slifer

Wed, Aug 31 2011

Topic Presenter
Happex DAQ for g2p experiment Pengjia

Wed, Aug 24 2011

Topic Presenter
old tosca vs new tosca Jixie
Field Map using Updated Model Toby
New setup SNAKE check and optics Min

Wed, Aug 17 2011

Topic Presenter
3rd arm detection efficiency Jixie
Y Distribution for LHRS Ryan

Wed, Aug 09 2011

Topic Presenter
3rd Arm Background Rate Chao

Wed, Aug 03 2011

Topic Presenter
Optics note 1 Min
3rd arm Jixie

Wed, July 27 2011

Topic Presenter
Cherenkov Analysis Results Melissa
Transport Functions Tests Min