GEM Electronics Review

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Charge to the reviewers.

UVa Back tracker GEMs

  • Report by UVa on the CERN SRS electronics system with a budget and also includes a budget for using the INFN GEM electronics system.
  • Report by INFN on their GEM electronics system.
  • Report by UVa on SRS readout tests using prototype GEM modules.
  • Presentation on the Back tracker GEMs to the Nov 2013 DOE review.
  • The Front-End Concentrator card for the RD51 Scalable Readout System, J. Toledo, H. Muller, R. Esteve, J.M. Monz´, A. Tarazona and S. Martoiu, JINST 6 C11028, 2011
  • Presentation by Dr. Muller given at RD51 Collaboration meeting April 14, 2011 on currently available SRS system.

INFN Front Tracker GEMs