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Getting the raw data files from the repository

  • raw files are permenantly stored in /cache/mss/halla/gmp12/raw/
  • to draw a data file from the repo, login to the farm
 ssh username@ifarm

and then ask for the file

 jcache submit default /mss/halla/gmp12/raw/gmp_20314.dat.0 
 > Your request is submitted. Use id '4678425' to check the status

this procedure may take a few minutes

  • raw files will be now stored for several days in /cache/mss/halla/gmp12/raw/

Running online analysis

(Last update 02/19/15)

  • Login as a-onl on one of the analysis machines (aonl1, aonl2 or aonl3) e.g.
 ssh a-onl@aonl2
  • passwords are written on the white board in the counting house
  • to go to the online analysis directory (/adaqfs/home/a-onl/gmp/He3H3/replay) type

How To replay a run

  • For LHRS, at the terminal, type
  • at the prompt, type
 .x replay_L.C(run_number)   (provide run_number you want to replay, for left arm it is < 20000)
  • answer any questions, if needed
  • exit analyzer by doing
  • For RHRS, at the terminal, use
 .x replay_R.C(run_number)   (for right arm it is >= 20000)

How to look at the online histograms?

  • For LHRS, at the terminal, do
 onlineLHRS #run_number#
  • For RHRS
 onlineRHRS #run_number#

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