HV control for LHRS, RHRS, Beamline crates

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You can bring up the HV GUI this way

 % ssh adev@adaql5
 % hvgui


  • If that doesn't work, then try
 % ssh adev@adaql5
 % start_hvgui

Click on the tab "hatsv3:2005" to set RHRS HV

  • Here is its map:
RHRS LeCroy 1450 HV Crate Map (column = slot, row = channel)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
0 s2mL01 s2mR01 s2mL13 TA01 TA13 TA26 TA39 TA52 TA65 s1L01 PS1R PS13R PS1L PS13L GC01 TA77
1 s2mL02 s2mR02 s2mL14 TA02 TA14 TA27 TA40 TA53 TA66 s1L02 PS2R PS14R PS2L PSL14 GC02 TA78
2 s2mL03 s2mR03 s2mL15 TA03 TA15 TA28 TA41 TA54 TA67 s1L03 PS3R PS15R PS3L PSL15 GC03 TA79
3 s2mL04 s2mR04 s2mL16 TA04 TA17 TA29 TA42 TA55 TA68 s1L04 PS4R PS16R PS4L PSL16 GC04 LUM01
4 s2mL05 s2mR05 s2mR13 TA05 TA18 TA30 TA43 TA56 TA69 s1L05 PS5R PS17R PS5L PS17L GC05 LUM02
5 s2mL06 s2mR06 s2mR14 TA06 TA19 TA31 TA44 TA57 TA70 s1L06 PS6R PS18R PS6L PS18L GC06 LUM03
6 s2mL07 s2mR07 s2mR15 TA07 TA20 TA33 TA45 TA58 TA71 s1R01 PS7R PS19R PS7L PS19L GC07 LUM04
7 s2mL08 s2mR08 s2mR16 TA08 TA21 TA34 TA46 TA59 TA72 s1R02 PS8R PS20R PS8L PS20L GC08
8 s2mL09 s2mR09 s0A TA09 TA22 TA35 TA47 TA60 TA73 s1R03 PS9R PS21R PS9L PS21L GC09 LUM05
9 s2mL10 s2mR10 s0B TA10 TA23 TA36 TA49 TA61 TA74 s1R04 PS10R PS22R PS10L PS22L GC10 LUM06
10 s2mL11 s2mR11 TA11 TA24 TA37 TA50 TA62 TA75 s1R05 PS11R PS23R PS11L PS23L LUM07
11 s2mL12 s2mR12 TA12 TA25 TA38 TA51 TA63 TA76 s1R06 PS12R PS24R PS12L PS24L LUM08

Click on the tab "hatsv4:2006" to set LHRS HV.

Click on the tab "hacweb5:2001" to set Beamline crate HVs.