Hadron DAQ re-installation

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Plan/Checklist for Re-Installing the BigBite Hadron DAQ (including Neutron Detector).

Hadron Package DAQ

  • Remove all NIM/CAMAC/VME modules that will not be used.
  • Replace Linear FI/FO in second NIM bin.
    • Recable all dE linear sums (L+R) from 50/50 splitters and to CAMAC Discriminators
  • Recable all E (dE) from x10 Amplifiers (50/50 splitters) to CAMAC Discriminators
  • Verify mapping of E and dE delay line from x10 Amplifiers to VME ADCs.
  • Cable E and dE scintillators from Hadron Package to DAQ Weldment Patch Panels

Neutron Detector DAQ