Halls A and C Spectrometer Support Group Whiteboard

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Priority Items

Readout for LCW pressure sensors added at end of beamline walkway (not started)

Replace air compressor in Hall A Gas Shed - ordered - need to remove old compressor and dryer.

Gas manifolds for GEM gas cylinders (started)

Nitrogen supply for GEM gas cylinder valves (Clippard valves and cylinder controller) (not started)

Gas mix controller and MFCs for GEM detectors (not started)

Add "T's" and pump out ports to HMS magnet vacuum gauge ports.-Steve didn't want work done.

Move ozone meters from VME to PI.

Would Be Good To Do Items

Remove actuators from right arm magnets. (Dipole/Q3 complete)

clean up R-arm supply platform

clean up L-arm supply platform

Build new controller for testing and calibration warm return valves for Hall C

Build local valve control boxes with local read out.

op check/repair hall C vacuum gauges.

Do We Still Need To Do These?

Possible Future Items

Remote reset for Hall C spectrometer motion (maybe next year)