Halls A and C Spectrometer Support Group Whiteboard

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Re-install crash buttons in Hall A Counting Room - RQ1 button for BB and new one for SBS supply

Swap out MFCs in VDC mixing system

Remove three Oxford power supplies from HMS

{{strikethrough|HMS Q2 lead voltage drops} Done

Heaters for SHMS magnet flags.

Hall A cooldown.

Heaters for HMS magnet flags-Heaters-modifications to guards complete, heaters installed. Waiting on controller.

Help Brad re-configure the DAQ rack in Counting Room C

Swap out CAEN HV crate in Counting Room C

Controls for SBS corrector coils

Re-tap the SBS supply main transformer for full power

re-install ground fault detector in LQ1 supply - requires configuration of module

connect power and LCW to BB supply on R-arm platform

Replace air compressor in Hall A Gas Shed

re-locate displays for hacweb11 and 14

clean up R-arm supply platform

clean up L-arm supply platform

Install new liquid level meters on SHMS- Install done, waiting on software and LN2 probe cal to go live.

Remove actuators from right arm magnets. (Dipole complete)

Template:Strikethrough Done

Gas mix controller for GEM detectors

Template:Strikethrough Done

Re-locate NDX detectors in Hall A - one in DAQ bunker and the other in BB GEM bunker

Readout for LCW pressure sensors added at end of beamline walkway

Remote reset for Hall C spectrometer motion

Install new quench protection boards in Hall A LD1