Halls A and C Spectrometer Support Group Whiteboard

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Re-install crash buttons in Hall A Counting Room - RQ1 button for BB and new one for SBS supply

Swap out MFCs in VDC mixing system

Remove three Oxford power supplies from HMS

HMS Q2 lead voltage drops Done

Heaters for SHMS magnet flags.

Hall A cooldown.

Heaters for HMS magnet flags-Heaters-modifications to guards complete, heaters installed. Waiting on controller.

Help Brad re-configure the DAQ rack in Counting Room C

Swap out CAEN HV crate in Counting Room C

Controls for SBS corrector coils

Re-tap the SBS supply main transformer for full power

re-install ground fault detector in LQ1 supply - requires configuration of module

connect power and LCW to BB supply on R-arm platform

Replace air compressor in Hall A Gas Shed

re-locate displays for hacweb11 and 14

clean up R-arm supply platform

clean up L-arm supply platform

Install new liquid level meters on SHMS- Install done, waiting on software and LN2 probe cal to go live.

Remove actuators from right arm magnets. (Dipole complete)

HMS supply control boxes into the Shield Hut Done

Gas mix controller for GEM detectors

Fix relay box for HMS counting room E-Stops Done

Re-locate NDX detectors in Hall A - one in DAQ bunker and the other in BB GEM bunker

Readout for LCW pressure sensors added at end of beamline walkway

Remote reset for Hall C spectrometer motion

Install new quench protection boards in Hall A LD1

Reconnect Magnet On signs to the HMS supplies Done