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Priority Items

Hall A Moller Polarimeter target magnet re-install: helium recharge, compressor and chiller clean up and setup, testing (pumping down on cold head)

Heaters for SHMS magnet flags./ Guard modifications complete, waiting on controller, fans installed, managing ice well.

Heaters for HMS magnet flags-Heaters Done. Monitoring to determine heater trip points.

Install S0 counter above BB for a cosmics trigger.

Locking bar for the Right Shield House (have bar - needs two holes drilled)

Roofing material for SBS GEM bunker (located some possible material - will run past Jessie)

Jumper bars for SBB coils (copper bus bar ordered)

Controls for SBB and corrector coils (waiting for power to the supplies)

Re-tap the SBB supply main transformer for full power (Joe will start after renewing his training)

Connect 480VAC for SBB and corrector power supplies (waiting on the electricians - ordered outlets and plugs)

Ground power supplies and corrector supply racks in DAQ Bunker (not started)

Install magnet leads for SBB (535 MCM cable) (cables run, waiting on copper bus bars) (connections still need to be torqued)

Install magnet leads for SBB corrector magnets (2 AWG welding cable) (cables run, Reagan is making final connections, only three power supplies in rack)

Connect SBB and corrector magnets to FSD (ADC is installed)(cables run/landed and verified, ch1 upstream left, ch2 upstream right, ch3 downstream left, ch4 downstream right, ch5 SBS)

Ground HCAL DAQ racks

re-install ground fault detector in LQ1 supply - requires configuration of module (not started)

connect LCW to BB supply on R-arm platform (not started)

Install new liquid level meters on SHMS- Install done, waiting on software and LN2 probe cal to go live (need Steven).

Gas manifolds for GEM gas cylinders (started)

Nitrogen supply for GEM gas cylinder valves (Clippard valves and cylinder controller) (not started)

Gas mix controller and MFCs for GEM detectors (not started)

Readout for LCW pressure sensors added at end of beamline walkway (not started)

Re-install crash buttons in Hall A Counting Room - RQ1 button for BB and new ones for SBS supply and correctors (mostly done)

Install thermistors on SBS/Big Bite magnets and junction boxes. ADC node boards made and parts stuffing is ongoing.

Install Kilxons on SBS?

Install Klixons on Big Bite?

DSG SBS gas flow monitoring needs a driver and node. Node needs to be stuffed. RPis need a PDU.

Rpi for threshhold monitoring for DAQ

Gaussmeters for SBS and Big Bite?

Would Be Good To Do Items

Re-locate NDX detectors in Hall A - one in DAQ bunker and the other in BB GEM bunker

Remove actuators from right arm magnets. (Dipole complete)

clean up R-arm supply platform

clean up L-arm supply platform

Swap out MFCs in VDC mixing system

Remove three Oxford power supplies from HMS

Possible Future Items

Replace air compressor in Hall A Gas Shed (on hold till next fiscal year)

Remote reset for Hall C spectrometer motion (maybe next year)