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Priority Items

Assemble manifold for C4F8 for GRINCH in the hall

Get part number and specs for 535MCM used in the hall

Buy and replace MFCs in old FPP mixing system

Readout for LCW pressure sensors added at end of beamline walkway (not started)

Replace green LED on Ar/CO2 pre-mix cylinder controller

Replace right pneumatic valve on Ar/CO2 pre-mix manifold

Swap right and left inputs on Ar/CO2 pre-mix cylinder controller

Adjust Ar/CO2 mix ratio in old FPP controller to match the pre-mix used for GEMs

Replace air compressor in Hall A Gas Shed

Find video cables from hall in the CH

Gas manifolds for GEM gas cylinders (started)

Nitrogen supply for GEM gas cylinder valves (Clippard valves and cylinder controller) (not started)

Gas mix controller and MFCs for GEM detectors (not started)

Would Be Good To Do Items

Roofing material for SBS GEM bunker (located some possible material - will run past Jessie)

Remove actuators from right arm magnets. (Dipole/Q3 complete)

clean up R-arm supply platform

clean up L-arm supply platform

HMS/SHMS Heater and fan changes, fixes, upgrades etc.

Calibrate and op-check spare warm return valves for Hall C.


-2 wire cable, ferrules, \# 6 hardware

Do We Still Need To Do These?

Test LQ2 FuG with new polarity reversal switch.

Mount Left Shield House temperature readout in CH

Find and connect NMR cables in CH

Swap out MFCs in VDC mixing system

Possible Future Items

Remote reset for Hall C spectrometer motion (maybe next year)

Install new liquid level meters on SHMS- Install done, waiting on software and LN2 probe cal to go live (need Steven).