HappexIII Work List

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HAPPEx III Work List
What Postdoc Description
DAQ Dustin
  • AutoDB configuration
  • Make list of epics words for DAQ ()
  • Sync monitor between crates (Luis)
  • Pedestal noise
  • Pickup tests
  • BMW scripts
  • Hall C BCM signal
Analysis chain Mark
  • Run analysis on HAPPEx II data (Mark)
  • QWeak ADC -> PAN (Rupesh)
  • Multiplet mode in PAN (fall,Richard)
  • Multiplet mode in POSTPAN, Regression (fall)
  • Multiplet mode in dithering (spring)
  • Dithering analysis for PREX system
  • 240 Hz speed/efficiency (Rich)
Detector prep Dustin Cosmics Checkout, PMT linearity tests, LED system, Mounting hardware and angles
  • PMT DC linearity (Luis)
    • New (Bogdan) Burle PMT
    • Photonics PMT
    • New/Old base
    • Test for He poisoning (strong baseline current and look for double pulsing)
  • Calculate light yield from HAPPEx III detector (KK)
  • Online LED pulse linearity hardware (Kent)
    • LED mounting (Rupesh)
    • Studies once hardware is available (Rupesh)
  • Attenuation study (Rupesh, Dustin)
  • Locate/Test/Update mounting hardware (Rupesh/Kent)
  • Determine installation spec: angles and position (Dustin)
    • Installation plan, test installation??
  • Test detector pedestal noise (Rupesh)
  • Lumi
    • Check running for lumi health
    • Identify spare tubes
    • Test pedestals
  • Electronics
    • Relays between counting and integrating mode
Moller polarimeter Dustin Dustin, Luis and Sasha become experts at running the Moller polarimeter
Compton polarimeter Mark
  • Electron detector (Alex, Bob)
  • Increase IR cavity power (Mark)
  • Understand transfer function
    • Find script that runs 1/4 wave plate scan
Accelerator dev/liason Mark and Dustin
  • Run 8 cables to source table (Riad)
  • Revive BMW scripts
  • Test BMW system
  • Add new magnets to arc
  • Design PREX modulation system
  • Modulation "spec" document (Kent)
  • Revive Hall B,C and compton signals
Installation planning
  • When is the detector going in?
  • What tools are needed?
  • Give Ed a list of surveys that are required
Commissioning planning
Documentation and administration
  • COO, ESAD, TSOP must be produced. Shift workers must be asked to read and sign before shift.
  • Target training must be organised and advertised.
  • Shift schedule and signup sheet (done)
  • Run coordinator signup (Xiaochao)
  • Online documentation for shift workers


Michaels work list for HAPPEx III, PVDIS and PREX