HappexIII Work List

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HAPPEx III Work List
What Postdoc Description
DAQ Dustin AutoDB and blinding
Analysis chain Mark Run analysis on HAPPEx II data
Detector prep Dustin Cosmics Checkout, PMT linearity tests, LED system, Mounting hardware and angles
Moller polarimeter Dustin Dustin, Luis and Sasha become experts at running the Moller polarimeter
Compton polarimeter Mark
  • Electron detector (Alex, Bob)
  • Increase IR cavity power (Mark)
  • Understand transfer function
    • Find script that runs 1/4 wave plate scan
Accelerator dev/liason Mark and Dustin
  • Run 8 cables to source table (Riad)
  • Modulation
Installation planning
  • When is the detector going in?
  • What tools are needed?
  • Give Ed a list of surveys that are required
Commissioning planning
Documentation and administration
  • COO, ESAD, TSOP must be produced. Shift workers must be asked to read and sign before shift.
  • Target training must be organised and advertised.
  • Shift schedule and signup sheet (done)
  • Run coordinator signup (Xiaochao)
  • Online documentation for shift workers


Michaels work list for HAPPEx III, PVDIS and PREX