HappexIII Work List

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HAPPEx III Work List
What Postdoc Description
DAQ Dustin
  • AutoDB configuration
  • Recover GreenMonster
  • Make list of epics words for DAQ ()
  • Sync monitor between crates (Luis)
  • Pedestal noise
  • Pickup tests
  • BMW scripts (Kent)
  • Hall C BCM signal
  • New PITA QASY (high-speed) feedback script
  • Test new helicity board
  • New config file mechanism (Bob?)
  • Test injector crate
  • Implement/test LHRS crate (Bob)
  • High-rate DAQ system tests
  • ET system test at 240 Hz
Analysis chain Mark
Kent/Rupesh Decode Qweak ROC structure in PAN
Mark Run analysis on HAPPEx II data (Mark)
Rupesh QWeak ADC -> PAN
  • Multiplet mode in PAN (fall)
  • Multiplet mode in POSTPAN, Regression (fall)
  • Multiplet mode in dithering (spring)
Dithering analysis for PREX system
Rich 240 Hz speed/efficiency
Detector prep Dustin Cosmics Checkout, PMT linearity tests, LED system, Mounting hardware and angles
  • PMT DC linearity (Luis)
    • New (Bogdan) Burle PMT
    • Photonics PMT
    • New/Old base
    • Test for He poisoning (strong baseline current and look for double pulsing)
  • Calculate light yield from HAPPEx III detector (KK/Wexler) [DONE]
  • Online LED pulse linearity hardware (Kent)
    • LED mounting (Rupesh)
    • Studies once hardware is available (Rupesh)
  • Attenuation study (Rupesh, Dustin)
  • Locate/Test/Update mounting hardware (Rupesh/Kent)
  • Determine installation spec: angles and position (Dustin)
    • Installation plan, test installation??
  • Test detector pedestal noise (Rupesh)
  • Lumi
    • Check running for lumi health
    • Identify spare tubes
    • Test pedestals
  • Electronics
    • pulse LED linearity testing system
    • Relays between counting and integrating mode
  • PREX test configuration design/installation (Dustin)
Moller polarimeter Dustin
  • Dustin, Luis and Sasha become experts at running the Moller polarimeter
  • New Custom-FADC DAQ
    • Spilt signals between old and new DAQs
    • pre-stage FADC DAQ work
    • implement parallel DAQ in Fall '09, possibly main DAQ for PREX (Brad, Eugene, Bob)
Compton polarimeter Mark
Alex, Bob

Electron detector (Alex, Bob)

    • repair edet planes
    • complete tests
    • reinstall
Mark Increase IR cavity power Begun testing moving lense 3 to improve mode matching. Significant steering observed -> might take a while to optimise
Mark Transfer function
  • 1/4 wave plate scan
Quarter wave plate scan performed, analysis underway
Sirish, Al, Vlad, Abdurahim Shine green laser through cavity
Alex, Bob High-rate helicity flip tests
Greg, Bob? integrate electron DAQ and FADC
Brian Q., Megan Photon Detector
  • install positioning scints (Brian Q.)
  • install new tube/base with linearity test (Megan)
  • LED studies of PMT linearity (Megan)
Accelerator dev/liason Mark and Dustin
  • Run 8 more cables from HAPPEx DAQ to source table (Mark,Riad)
    • Kent emailed Riad the requirements for cabling and asked for 2 shifts during the week of July 27, and two shifts in the period Aug 5-8.
  • coordinate high-rate flip test (ATLIS) || yoyo
  • coordinate low-current running (ATLIS)
  • coordinate spin dance for polarization optimization (ATLIS?)
  • Revive BMW scripts
  • Test BMW system
  • Add new magnets to arc
  • Revive Hall B,C and compton signals
  • Design PREX modulation system
  • Modulation "spec" document (Kent)
Installation planning
  • When is the detector going in?
  • What tools are needed?
  • Give Ed a list of surveys that are required
Commissioning planning
Documentation and administration Mark
Dustin ALIST for watercell removal procedure
Kent commissioning plan / schedule
Kent COO, RSAD, TSOP must be produced. Shift workers must be asked to read and sign before shift.
Dustin Target training must be organised and advertised. Contact Dave Meekins and JP.
Mark Shift schedule and signup sheet Done
Xiaochao Run coordinator signup Done
Mark WAC signup
Mark Online documentation for shift workers
Mark Manpower schedule
Mark Contact list update Wiki page created, email sent out
Image Library (what is this?)
  • Radiation issues for PREX
    • Possible Shielding? Thermalized neutron estimates to be done with RSAD (Pavel)
  • PREX collimators and Sieve
    • Finalize the design
    • Manufacture
  • Septum
    • Manufacturing
    • Testing in testlab (Fall 2009)
  • Build PREX target ladder
  • GEM detectors
    • Needed for high-rate <math>Q^2</math> during PREX (Nilanga, Kent, KK)
    • Needs design of frontend electronics and DAQ (Nilanga, Kent, KK, Bob)


Bob Michaels work list for HAPPEx III, PVDIS and PREX