He3 / H3 e,e'p experiment E12-14-011

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The SRC Tritium Experiment (E12-14-011) is an (e,e'p) experiment in Hall A, comparing the momentum distribution of protons in tritium and helium-3. These nuclei have a large proton-neutron asymmetry, but are also isospin-mirror nuclei, meaning that the proton distribution in tritium can tell us about the neutron distribution in helium-3.

Contact Info

  • Run Coordinator (RC) phone number: 757-876-1787
  • Florian Hauenstein: (757) 746-3395
  • Reynier Cruz-Torres: (786) 398-1443
  • Machine Control Center (MCC): 7046
  • Experts Experts on call

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Experiment Webpage and Experimental documentation

Calibration and Online Analysis

DAQ and Analysis resources

Simulation resources

Weekly SRC Meetings (Wednesdays 10:00 ET)

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