He3 / H3 e,e'p experiment E12-14-011

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The SRC Tritium Experiment (E12-14-011) is an (e,e'p) experiment in Hall A, comparing the momentum distribution of protons in tritium and helium-3. These nuclei have a large proton-neutron asymmetry, but are also isospin-mirror nuclei, meaning that the proton distribution in tritium can tell us about the neutron distribution in helium-3.

Contact Info

  • Run Coordinator (RC) phone number: 757-876-1787
  • Florian Hauenstein: (757) 746-3395
  • Reynier Cruz-Torres: (786) 398-1443
  • Machine Control Center (MCC): 7046
  • Experts on call

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Important Links

JLab Training

  • You need to have a JLab account and be an active user.
  • All trainings are available HERE.
  • You can check the current status of your trainings HERE.

Regular Trainings:

The trainings that we need are:

  • SAF110T - Tritium Training
  • SAF116kd - Physics Division Work Governance
  • SAF103 - ODH Training (Short quiz at the end)
  • SAF100 - EH&S Orientation
  • SAF801 - Radiation Worker Training
    • If you do it for the first time you need to do a quiz at a JLab computer and a practical test. Afterwards you get your personal dosimeter
    • If you renew your Radiation Worker training you only need to do the quiz.
  • SAF110 - After you did all of the above you need the Hall A walkthrough.
  • Read and sign the COO/ESAD/RSAD/ERG in the counting room. Electronic copies are HERE.

Tritium Target Operator Training

  • Most detailed description of what to do can be found HERE.
  • cryotarget training (lets you operate the standard Hall-A/C targets)
    • Contact JP Chen for this (jpchen@jlab.org)
    • Lecture training followed by a practical training. Lecture slides HERE.
  • Tritium Target Operator Training
    • Note that this is different from the SAF110T - Tritium Training mentioned above
    • Training consists of going through the slides HERE.


Reference Reading

Previous (e,e'p) studies

Weekly SRC Meetings (Wednesdays 10:00 ET)