He3 / H3 e,e'p experiment E12-14-011

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The SRC Tritium Experiment (E12-14-011) is an (e,e'p) experiment in Hall A, comparing the momentum distribution of protons in tritium and helium-3. These nuclei have a large proton-neutron asymmetry, but are also isospin-mirror nuclei, meaning that the proton distribution in tritium can tell us about the neutron distribution in helium-3.

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Run Coordinator Schedule

From To RC
April 12 April 19 Florian Hauenstein
April 20 April 22 Eric Fuchey
April 23 April 30 Barak Schmookler
May 1 end of run Axel Schmidt

Contact Info

Expert Phone
Run Coordinator (RC) 757-876-1787
Florian Hauenstein (757) 746-3395
Reynier Cruz-Torres (786) 398-1443
Machine Control Center (MCC) 7046
Target Experts
Name Work Cell Email
J.P.Chen 7413 (757) 218-0722 jpchen@jlab.org
Greg Smith 5405 (757) 871-4371 smithg@jlab.org
Silviu Covrig 6410 (843) 697-1753 covrig@jlab.org
Dave Meekins 5434 (757) 968-9076 meekins@jlab.org
Chris Keith 5878 (757) 746-9277 ckeith@jlab.org

Important Links

Other information

  • Kinematics
    • Ebeam (nominal) = 4300 MeV
    • Ebeam (epics) = 4318.49 MeV
Kinematics LHRS nominal momentum [GeV] LHRS nominal angle RHRS nominal momentum [GeV] RHRS nominal angle LHRS momentum [GeV] (epics) LHRS angle (epics) RHRS momentum [GeV] (epics) RHRS angle (epics)
Fast 3.543 20.88 1.4805 48.80 3.54336 20.8798 1.4805 48.8094
Slow 3.543 20.88 1.246 58.50 3.54332 20.8798 1.246 58.4956
Parallel (Hydrogen) 3.543 17.80 1.4805 48.80 3.54334 17.8003 1.4805 48.8094
  • BCM calibration
    • run number: 100172
    • target: carbon foil
    • currents and attenuator values:
      • 3uA ---> 140
      • 7uA ---> 163
      • 12uA ---> 184
      • 18uA ---> 204
      • 22.2uA ---> 214
    • These are nominal values for the beam current. Gotta get the actual values from epics info.

Shift Instructions

Instructions for important tasks

  • Running with the carbon-Hole target
  • Running with the optics target
  • Running with the dummy target
  • Running with the tritium target
  • Running with the helium-3 target

JLab Training

  • You need to have a JLab account and be an active user.
  • All trainings are available HERE.
  • You can check the current status of your trainings HERE.

Regular Trainings:

The trainings that we need are:

  • SAF110T - Tritium Training
  • SAF116kd - Physics Division Work Governance
  • SAF103 - ODH Training (Short quiz at the end)
  • SAF100 - EH&S Orientation
  • SAF801 - Radiation Worker Training
    • If you do it for the first time you need to do a quiz at a JLab computer and a practical test. Afterwards you get your personal dosimeter
    • If you renew your Radiation Worker training you only need to do the quiz.
  • SAF110 - After you did all of the above you need the Hall A walkthrough.
  • Read and sign the COO/ESAD/RSAD/ERG in the counting room. Electronic copies are HERE.

Tritium Target Operator Training

  • Most detailed description of what to do can be found HERE.
  • cryotarget training (lets you operate the standard Hall-A/C targets)
    • Contact Greg, JP, and Silviu (see table above) to schedule time to receive a lecture. Lecture slides HERE.
    • Lecture training followed by a practical training with one of them.
    • Take half a shift with a trained Target Operator.
    • Once the steps above are completed, send an email to Meekins, Greg, JP, and Silviu letting them know
  • Tritium Target Operator Training
    • Note that this is different from the SAF110T - Tritium Training mentioned above
    • Training consists of going through the slides HERE.
    • Send an email to Meekins letting him know that you completed the training


Reference Reading

Previous (e,e'p) studies

Weekly SRC Meetings (Wednesdays 10:00 ET)