How to adjust discriminator threshold on HCAL DAC

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How to adjust th VME DAC BBCAL discriminator thresholds

  • Log into daq@enpcamsonne with the usual DAQ password
 ssh daq@enpcamsonne
  • Go to test_fadc
  • Execute the command
  • After executing the command, the a new DAC gui should pop up which has instructions to load, initialize and save the settings and adjust the thresholds.


  • Click on "Load mpv04Library tab" to load a library
  • Click on "Initialize mpv04" to initialize the library
  • Click on "Save settings" to save the settings
  • Go to the "Enter New Voltage Setting (Volts)" slot and enter the desired threshold
  • Click on "Set Voltage" after entering the desired threshold.
  • Make sure that BBCal Hi Discriminator 1 and BBCal Hi Discriminator 2 have the same value entered
  • Check the online gui on to make sure that the entered thresholds are indeed registered.