How to connect to a d2n VNC Session

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1) Build a tunnel from your machine through to jlabl3 (where the vncserver is running)

 Open a terminal window and run:
 % ssh <user> -L

2) Now tunnel the vnc port through the tunnel from (1):

 Open another terminal window and run:
 % ssh <user>@localhost -p 2222 -L 5907:localhost:5907

3) Now run your vncviewer and connect to the vnc session

 Open another terminal window and run:
 % vncviewer -Shared :7
 -!-> Make sure you include the '-Shared' option or you kick everyone else off.
 ---> The session password is 'cebaF111'

Mac OS X VNC client:

 'Chicken of the VNC' works well. It can be found here:
 ---> First set up the tunnel chain as above in some terminal windows.
 In the VNC login window:
   Host           = localhost
   Display/Port   = 7
   -!-> Be sure to check the 'Shared Display' box


 This can be done by using a couple of instances of PuTTY to handle the ssh
 tunnels and then using UltraVNC to connect to the VNC session.
 - I can write a walkthrough for this if there is demand but I'd prefer everyone
   just switch to using a fully functional OS like linux.  (I kid, I kid... ;-)