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IOC is iochacp - might need to reboot from the hall.

No longer connected to terminal server. Can only reboot using remote power strip.

hareboot4. Outlet 4

Before rebooting, make sure the cavity locking/unlocking script is OFF.

Note that the ioc communicates with the fiber amp via a portserver (hatsv43). If everything else is updating, but not the fiber amp, it might be that the portserver needs rebooting.

After rebooting, QWP1 will probably be set incorrectly (the HWP and QWP2 should not move). Check the position readback, and put it back where it was. The feedback parameters will also get reset - make sure to adjust them.

Power meter calibrations

This needs updating - commands below are absolute.

  1. caput COMPTON_PW3R_S2_ca.B 7.9264
  2. caput COMPTON_PW2R_S2_ca.B 11.833
  3. caput COMPTON_LASERPCAV_ca.A 13630

Feedback parameters

  1. caput COMPTON_SERVO_GAINao 135
  2. caput COMPTON_SERVO_SEUILao 1

Slow Ramp Parameters


Initialize the QWP and HWP

Needs updating

  1. Send wave plates to 0 degrees
  2. caput COMPTON_ORX_bo 1
  3. caput COMPTON_ORZ_bo 1
  4. wait 2 minutes
  5. caput COMPTON_PVAL_X_ao 11909
  6. caput COMPTON_PVAL_Z_ao 5725
  7. caput COMPTON_LMOVX_bo 1
  8. caput COMPTON_LMOVZ_bo 1

This should set the QWP angle to 47.63 degrees and the HWP to 22.9 degrees

Set exit line QWP

This needs updating.

  1. Send QWP HOME
  2. caput COMPTON_ORY_bo 1
  3. Wait 2 minutes
  4. Set angle to approximately equalize power in integrating spheres
  5. caput COMPTON_PVAL_Y_ao 11162
  6. caput COMPTON_RMOVY_bo 1