January 14th 2022

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  • Updates
    • HCAL
    • issue with VETO and LED produced jitter on gate generator, took this part of VETO out, redid signal from pulser output with delay, signal looks good now
      • veto should still be working, if not can use software cut
      • pulser trigger was sent to F1 but was removed ( F1 overflow ? )
      • beam data : Sebastian replaying all data, everything looked ok on HCAL with beam ( besides LED )
      • timing of T2 different for T1 - Cosmics have different latency - should be fine with beam
    • BB Cal
      • 4.5 and 4.6 were checked by Provokar ( good cosmics signal - but less efficient with beam ) - need to be investigated
      • data looked ok
    • Hodoscope
      • hodoscope was turned on, data looked ok
      • checking with Steve with EPICS
    • GRINCH
      • beam data looks good, some missing channels,
      • hodoscope have additionnal spare NINO, some fixed were shipped
    • CDet
      • plan to test other half detector
    • GEM BB
      • latency difference between
    • GEM INFN
    • GEM GEN RP
    • beamline
      • Hall BCM average was different from MPS : David will reset the calibration value, raster calibration
    • helicity
      • David and Paul going back to analysis of helicity, several branches created but some branches not filled up yet, looking into it
    • scripts
      • Bob deployed jmirror which should be faster, being used in Hall B and D - seems to work - halog with details

  • Issue
    • HCAL LED jitter : fixed
    • GEM latency different for different places in detector