January 15th 2021

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l* Updates

    • HCAL
      • still taking cosmics, issues with some TDC lines - some thresholds had to be adjusted

only 1 bad TDC channels working intermitently

    • BB Shower
      • taking cosmics - everything is working
      • question trigger : NIM based trigger - want to have both NIM and digital -
      • switch to FADC for preshower -
      • need to add fiber to run both crates at the same - can run crates one at a time - now two different paddles on shower and one on preshower - will send trigger to flash crate -

Bryan will work on it today for two independent DAQ

    • BB Hodoscope
      • tried take data run on Friday - runs looked ok - working on decoding and processing. Meeting with Mark on what to install in bbhodo account. Peter and Ed Brash helping to reuse similar to CDEt code.
      • estimate a month to finalize software - should be able to look at spectrum with software - issue with cratemap and initialization of modules - Carlos will help Rachel to check - Alex will look for old stand alone script for V792.
      • all channels check on scope
      • need documentation and cabling scheme for installation in hall
    • CDet
      • previous module disconnected swapped with new module. Cleaned and PMT needs to be installed and after NINO - should be back to data taking in two week at lates
      • VXS crate delivered will set it up in weldment
    • GRINCH
      • Bradley tested CODA3 - need to check software works with CODA3 - still just pedestals waiting for gasket -
    • LHRS
      • Maria Satnik working with Bob, TI boards and CPU in Fastbus, can talk to the modules, pulser test with CODA3
      • upgrading to Centos 7 - need it for ATOM controller - still working on booting the CPU
      • estimate 2 months until we take cosmics with HRS
      • FADCs available - Fastbus still available - A1 aerogel counter 26 channels -
      • GMn running still in developement : Hall B taking a lot ot 3.7 GeV time, consider calibration at beginning of run
    • Helicity : new board to record and decode helicity - better to have both old scheme and new board
    • trigger
      • HCAL : NIM trigger and digital trigger
      • LHRS : trigger from HRS - need check HRS with digital trigger
      • Experiment trigger : NIM trigger baseline and digital trigger development
      • GEn RP
      • Moller testing : delayed helicity ? CLAS12 wanted delayed - So plan for delayed helicity
    • GEM
      • INFN :
          • working on checking connection after hardware change - might be issue of robustness
      • UVA
        • EEL clean room : taking cosmics data - one MPD had issues giving errors - another MPD which was replaced is no more giving - plan to replace the MPD still giving errors- Anu planning to replace LV cables - not sure what is problem with MPD - label MPDs and record errors - how many bad boards ? Need to fix them ? Need to make inventory of MPDs with issue
      • TEDF
        • SSP readout working for all modules installed
        • Ben tried new firmware : seems working
        • one MPD has issue, not get trigger
        • Holly setup VME readout for easier MPD debugging
        • will take pedestal runs at different trigger rate and implement zero supression
        • Zero suppression still on SSP - only plan to pack two samples in one word on mpd - expect 2.7 KHz rate for now. Right now 1.1 KHz at 100% occupancy right now ( VME or ethernet limited ) with Test configuration with few APV to check -zero supression algorithm takes away from trigger buffering -
        • SSP code to look at MPD data stand alone working
        • Ben will be back to MPD development for VTP at end of January
        • will install software to look at VME MPD readout
        • need 3 VTP for readout