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Latest revision as of 11:51, 21 January 2022

  • Updates
    • HCAL
      • power cycled Rpi for threshold, no EPICS
      • took cosmics last night
      • LED working
      • Latency changed for cosmics
      • working on timing jitter using hodoscope
    • BigBite Shower
      • took series of cosmics runs for best settings for the kinematic
    • BigBite hodoscope
      • data looks ok
      • HV issues
    • GRINCH
      • VETROC firmware updated, fixed most of missing channels
      • few ADC channels with no signal - need to figure out - might need to swap FADC
      • 2 channels missing in TDC with one known dead PMT
    • CDet
      • turned module around, 2nd half getting set up
    • GEM Bigbite
      • everything looks ok
      • negative pulses still need to be figured out, took data without suppression
    • GEM INFN
      • MPD7 fixed with cable
    • GEM GEN RP
      • working on database to look at the data
    • Beamline/Helicity
      • figured out issue when putting data in the tree

  • Issues
    • HCAL LED jitter : fixed
    • GEM latency different for different places in detector
    • GRINCH missing channels
    • New MPD firmware
    • Hodo EPICS HV : still need to test