June 11th 2021

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  • Updates
    • LHRS
      • PRL going through x10 amplifier, can see signal in DAQ - FADC received for PRL
      • revived scaler and EPICS insertion on LHRS
    • CDet
      • working on charge normalization for module 4.
      • removed the VME controller from the BigBite weldment in the hall and put it back in the crate in the test lab. This is simply for storage and it is not plugged in and I am not currently using it. But if it is not being used for the experiment, there is no need to have it irradiated. If it is needed, by all means it can be taken back to the hall and installed where needed - someone just has to let me know where it is.
    • Bigbite shower
      • cables ethernet on top of Bigbite weldment disconnected
      • All FADC cables disconnected between two racks, racks independent now. will separate them and move them one by one, will let us know when he starts
    • Hodoscope : Ralph could access to tedbbdaq, detector in Hall, focusing on software work
    • Bigbite INFN / TEDF
      • can access to computer

    • UVA GEM : working on shielding material, Sean working on the UV, two layers assembled and working on setting up readout
    • GEM VTP readout : was able to configure APV from VTP, working on pedestal and common mode parameters in the driver