June 14, 2018

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Meeting URL https://bluejeans.com/149766532

Meeting ID 149 766 532

US toll free phone 1.888.240.2560

Dial in, type in the meeting ID and then press ##


  1. GEANT4 simulation update -Eric K []
  2. GEANT3 simulation update -Bill H []


1. Discussion of GEANT4 Eric showed us evidence of collimator issues in G4. Perhaps there are some pieces missing, in particular a cylindrical phlange seen in Sasha's slides. Eric will look into this further as well as trying to read in Sasha's TOSCA map.

2. Discussion of GEANT3 Bill compared data from a Quad scan at 2.05 GeV. Similarity between data and G3 across wide range for Q2 and Q4 but wide disparity for Q1. Bill will provide Sasha with quad field strengths/currents for which we need TOSCA model maps.

3. Discussion of TOSCA model Sasha presented his TOSCA models of the 4 quads and the dipole. In general there was very good agreement between measured field profiles and the TOSCA model. Sasha will produce field maps for different field strengths provided by Bill. He will also look into the effects of fringe fields on adjacent quads.

4. Update on magnet Email from Javier

"The magnet has been cool down and test powered up to 4T. The magnet temps are a higher than before the dump in the test lab but we can not find a reason. I have not measured the field which I will likely do tomorrow or day after. The EPICS signals to monitor the magnet temps and compressor are not working nor is monitoring/control of the magnet power supply — some communication issues that the EPICS group has not been able to solve yet ….. The target motion, Ethan has manual control of it but also has not been put into EPICS yet either

Repeat of test to see that the field does not drive the target rotation came OK. Told Ethan that the closer that the optics table can get to the magnet is about 3-4 feet - the field there is ~60 Gauss - EHS&Q/Division Safety Officer (Folts) will have to approve. Help from Jessie Butler will be required to move table into position but Ethan may be able to arrange that. I understand from Ethan that in ~two weeks they will take away the power overnight so the system will have shutdown and re-cooled (hopefully will be quicker). I know we are waiting for a more permanent electrical connexion (we stole the outlet of an electrical forklift in the mean time)

Cheers - Javier"

5. Target ladder/foils New target ladder completed. Will begin polishing foils tomorrow.


D. Jones, J. Napolitano, D. Gaskell, S. Malace, S. Park, B. Henry, J. Zhang, K. Paschke, S. Glamazdin, Ciprian, S. Riordan, R. Holmes, E. King